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Here you will find all the restaurant food North Africa Restaurants towns and Albir, L’Alfas del Pi, Altea Like the North Africa quality restaurants ?
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Tunisian, Algerian, Moroccan, Egyptian, Libyan restaurant.
Couscous, Tajines, Grills, Pastillas

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Restaurant NUMIDIA Albir

Restaurant Numidia Albir

Restaurant NUMIDIA Albir

NUMIDIA Restaurant Albir
Avenida Albir 145,
03581 El Albir – Alfaz del Pi, SPAIN
Phone : +34 642 427 275
Web site : NO

Restaurant NUMIDIA Albir offers fine dining in North Africa and particularly traditional Berber dishes , tagines and couscous.
This restaurant in Albir , offers an Algerian couscous, grilled assortment and also tajines prepared their spices to taste and cooked over low heat.
All products by this oriental restaurant are first selected by the freshness and care leader.
The preparations are made ​​at the time of serving to preserve all their natural flavor.
Halal meat is from a butcher BENIDORM like merguez , lamb and chicken.GOOD value for money Restaurant Albir Altea Alfas Del pi
The wines are Château Mansourah, Châteaux Tellagh or red or gray Boulaouane .
Couscous is a dish of North African origin , traditionally accompanied by beef , lamb or chicken and fresh vegetables , chickpeas, leeks, celery , fennel and carrots drizzled with olive oil to raise the taste.
Restaurant NUMIDIA Albir offers couscous that best suits the palate of Europeans , indeed, delicately spiced it leaves out the flavor of vegetables and delicate aroma meal in virgin olive oil .
SPECIAL OFFERS restaurant Albir
The flat is obviously featured couscous, which is available in different versions , the classic lamb couscous , couscous chicken sausages decorated or not.
Tajine is a Berber specialty popular in the Maghreb, are cooked in earthenware dishes stewed with different spices can be a mixture of sweet and salty or just be salty or sweet only .
NUMIDIA Albir restaurant offers Moroccan tagine , chicken, lamb , prunes almonds served in the typical pottery dish .
The proposed desserts are fresh Algerian pastries from a craftsman in BENIDORM .
NUMIDIA Albir restaurant also offers special shows and dancing evenings and a BBQ on the terrace in summer.
You can also book a lamb barbecue from at least 4 people.
Schedules :
Winter 10 h at 0 PM
summer from 9 am for breakfast

We give it a rating of 7
Restaurant NUMIDIA Albir

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