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Restaurant Yuan Teppanyaki Albir

Restaurant Albir, Altea, Alfas del pi, Alfaz Del Pi Japanese

Restaurant Yuan Teppanyaki Albir

Restaurant Yuan Teppanyaki Albir

Yuan Teppanyaki Restaurant Albir
calle Pau Casals,
edif Mistral local 5-6-7
03581 El Albir – Alfaz del Pi, SPAIN
Phone : +34 966 86 72 21
Web site
: NO

Restaurant Yuan Teppanyaki Albir belongs the oldest and the most popular Japanese restaurant to Albir.
Of sushi with sashimi where Tempura and the spectacular culinary broadcast on the teppanyaki bank, you will find many things to be savoured and to be appreciated.
In Japanese, Teppanyaki means literally ” burned out on an iron plate” and it is the type of Japanese food who developed in the 1940. This rite and this type of cooking allow to eat well but also to attend a real show for all the senses.
Restaurant Yuan Teppanyaki Albir cooked food in front of you on a heating plate, the smell of food in preparation is a delight for the senses even though you did not enjoy them, the skill and the know-how of the leader are impressive.
Meats and vegetables spin, then shiver on the heating plate before die to arrive in your plate.
Guaranteed effect.
For the amateurs of sushi and sashimi, Restaurant Yuan Teppanyaki Albir proposes a long list of Maki, classic rollers as well as new variations sushi.
Restaurant Yuan Teppanyaki Albir proposes a large number of fishes freshly, directly the Atlantic Ocean or freshly imported by air by Madrid.
With the essential ingredients that the sauce soya, wasabi or the ginger, you can discover new tastes which do not exist in the European cooking.

GOOD value for money Restaurant Albir Altea Alfas Del pi


Menus offer, proposing:
Please order what you can eat, waste is not valued.
Remains due to waste additional charg: 1.00€ by sushi, 3.00€ per hot dish
Monday to thursday : CHILDREN (Up to 10 years old) 6.50€ – ADULTS 12.95€
Friday to sunday and holidays : CHILDREN (Up to 10 years old) 7.50€ – ADULTS 13.95€


Open 7 days a week

We give it a rating of 7
Restaurant Yuan Teppanyaki Albir

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