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Restaurant Le Code Albir

Restaurant Albir, Altea, Alfas del pi, Alfaz Del Pi French

Restaurant Le Code Albir

Restaurant Le Code Albir

The BEST Restaurant Albir Altea Alfas Del pi

Le Code Restaurant Albir
Edificio Sol
Playa Cap Blanch 20 Bajo
03590 Altéa , SPAIN
Phone : +34 965 013 098

Web site :

After long years in Saint Tropez, has a proud history of serving classic French food and wine to generations.
Le CODE Restaurant Albir is determined to combine the best traditions of classic French cooking with an individual approach to service and hospitality.
It is situated on the verge of Altéa towards Albir and in front of the sea.
An impressive view waits for you there, a mixed decoration between the modern and the classic reflects completely the atmosphere of this restaurant to Albir.
But people don’t go to the restaurant to look at the walls, Le CODE Restaurant Albir‘s menu boasts the best of French food, from traditional to modern, just a browse through the menu will send your saliva glands into overload.
Le CODE proposes you a French food, in the ingredients of origin France.

Some ideas to discover to the restaurant Le CODE ALBIR are:

  • Beef filet Rossini with foie gras, moscatel cream and potatoes spume.
  • Duck filet in orange and red fruit dressing and Yuka’s chip
  • Saint jacques shells and coral on a French purée and ‘Suprise’ emulsion
  • Smoked salmon crispy corn and chickpy homous

And of course some more other choices will be proposed to you as some dishes of Spanish origin.
You can expect a warm welcome by the team and by the very boss, they will know how to guide you in the menu for your to propose the best.
Le CODE restoring ALBIR, in a very original concept, the idea was to create four universes favored for four visions of the world.
Indeed, you will can by the Web site Le CODE, to share your experiences and to give your feedback onto the menus.
But also by the Forums set up to discuss Journey, world news and sport.

We give it a rating of 7

Restaurant Le Code Altéa Albir

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Restaurant Albir

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