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Restaurant La Table Altéa

Restaurant Albir, Altea, Alfas del pi, Alfaz Del Pi French

Restaurant La Table Altéa

Restaurant La Table Altéa

The BEST Restaurant Albir Altea Alfas Del pi

La Table Restaurant Altéa
Carrer Sant Pere 43,
03590 Altéa , SPAIN
Phone : +34 965 840 169
Phone : +34 663 894 603
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Web site :

Restaurant La Table Altea offers a trip to the French and Mediterranean flavors, all in a modern, comfortable and elegant atmosphere.
Karine sommelier by profession and Yann great French graduated chef, fell in love with the city of Altea .
After working in the best restaurants in LONDON, FRANCE and SWITZERLAND, they decided to open their own place.
La Table has three options, two different menus and also the possibility to choose “a la carte”.

A lunch offer, proposing:
The lunch “A la Carte” allows everyone to establish his own menu, from a choice of 6 starters, 6 main course, and 6 desserts, starting from 15 € for 3 courses.
The “Découverte Menu” a 3 courses menu with a choice of 3 entrances, 3 dishes and 3 desserts for 35 €.
The “Gourmet Menu” a 6 courses menu elaborated by Yann bringing you in a culinary journey according to the season, from 45€.

A diner offer, proposing:
The diner “A la Carte” propose you a choice of 10 entrances, 10 main courses and 6 desserts, actualized every 3 months according to the season.
The “Découverte Menu” a 3 courses menu with a choice of 3 entrances, 3 dishes and 3 desserts for 35 €
The “Gourmet Menu” a 7 courses menu elaborated by Yann, bringing you in a culinary journey according to the season, from 65€



Basically, the offer is the same, only ingredients and prices vary:
A la Carte” menu, “Découverte” menu and “Gourmet” menu, whether it is Lunch or Dinner time !

The “A la Carte” is updated regularly according the season and freshness…for example, red mullet, monkfish and “Skrey” Norvegian Cod as fishes.
Meats like Veal, Pigeon or Deer as Venison, prepared and presented with great finesse and flavors.
The philosophy of the restaurant La Table is to offer continually good fresh ingredients and to work as often as possible with local, regional and national ingredients.
Guests can enjoy for example authentic Beef from GALICIA , the BRESSE Pigeon or blue Lobster from GALICIA .
In addition you also have fresh Scallops, home made foie gras , Veal from ASTURIA or the Royal RUSSIAN crab.

SPECIAL OFFERS restaurant Albir

The wine list propose a selection of the best and most renowned wines, whether they are from Spain, or France…the great “Ribeira del Duero”, the “Grands Bordeaux” de France
like “St Emilion” or regional wines like ENRIQUE MENDOZA’s made in Alfaz del pi.
But also the fabulous rosé wine from Provence to taste absolutely ”Domaine d’Ott”,
For lovers of Champagne: Laurent Perrier Rosé, Champagne Ruynard, Champagne Gosset or Champagne Louis Roederer Cristal Brut.


This restaurant is worthy of a top restaurant in Altea, with good prices to match the quality.

Restaurant La Table Altea also has a menu custom theme:
You book a week in advance and Yann prepares your menu with the best products of your choice.
Guaranteed success.

Restaurant La Table Altea opening days:
September till June, noon 1 pm to 4 pm on the evening from 7: 30 pm to 11 pm
July and August 7 days 7:
Only for the evening, from 7: 30 pm to 11 pm
La Table Altea offers as well a catering and event organization service as weddings, birthdays , communions and business meals…

You can also enjoy the beautiful terrace overlooking the sea.
Finally, the restaurant La Table Altea is probably one of the best restaurants in Altea.

You can also enjoy the beautiful terrace overlooking the sea.
Finally, the restaurant La Table Altea is probably one of the best restaurants in Altea.

We give it a rating of 8
Restaurant La Table Altéa

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Restaurant Altéa

GD Star Rating
GD Star Rating
Restaurant La Table Altéa, 7.7 out of 10 based on 10 ratings

9 Commentsto Restaurant La Table Altéa

  1. We highly recommend this restaurant in Altea. for us it is part of one of the best French cuisine restaurant with high quality ingredients.

  2. Sarah and John says:

    We discovered this restaurant thanks to this Website. Thanks to all the team to guide us towards the good places of restaurants to Altéa. This restaurant is for us one of the best in French cooking of Altéa. The pleasure of eyes and papillae is there and the value for money is correct 19 euros for a menu 3 services + coffee.Irreproachable and the cleanliness of the restaurant reflects the quality of the cooking. We deeply recommend it to you. Thank you for this good moment.

  3. Charles says:

    Having looked for a good French restaurant, we discovered it with your Website, the cooking is very fine and the excellent meal. The reception and the team are warm the whole in a magnificent frame. Let’s go there.

  4. Gabby says:

    The frame is first-class, contemporary style.
    That changes a few tapas bars and other pizzerias of the dike.
    The reception is completed without being obsequious.
    The service is at the top, I have absolutely any blames for making.
    The wine list proposes a wide choice of French, Spanish and Italian wines, in a very wide price range.
    It is really, in its category, one of the best restaurants of the region.
    The kind of establishments for which we can make some kilometers because we live to Alicante.
    To recommend for evening in family or in couple.
    See you soon

  5. Alexander says:

    I went for a meal to the table restaurant Altéa to prir the menu del dia there and I deeply recommend it.
    The food was fabulous, the service was very good and good that it was a good value for money, we shall return to it certainly.

  6. Carla says:

    We had dinner to the restaurant The Table Altéa twice now and we shall return to it certainly very soon.
    One of the best meals that we never had the pleasure to take advantage of all our journeys in Spain.
    It is a beautiful place to have an elegant dining room.
    The atmosphere, the service, the attention of the boss, and the French food are simply one very special and very unique in this part of Spain, in our experience.
    A very moderate price is an excellent value for money.
    Thanks to you and to this website.

  7. An enormous THANK YOU for your reception is your kindness.
    We spent delicious one moment in your restaurant.
    You are certainly one of the best restaurants on Altéa city.
    Dishes are especially beautiful, creative and full of flavors.
    Your service is effective and very discreet, your decoration is sober and pleasant the whole in a cleanliness equivalent to your dishes.
    Everything was absolutely perfect.
    Dishes without wrong note none, of a big delicacy, proposing original alchemies, well-kept decorations, delicious flavors the impeccable service, the extraordinary wines.
    The restaurant The TABLE Altéa is a romantic, simply divine magic place, our papillae are still under the culinary emotion of your surprising dishes.
    Everything contributed to an incredible experience, and at the excellent moment.
    Finally, true one big restaurant.
    In brief, of the big art !

    • La Table says:

      Good evening
      It seems you enjoyed… Here we are for that!

      First of all, Thank you, we really appreciate you had good time in our place…
      We welcome each client with pleasure, and yes, we are here to give happiness and joy to all people that would have the brilliant idea to come and eat at La Table, whatever the budget, seeing that it’s for having a good food and a good time…

      As owner (and head chef…), I have to say that I’m not really fan of those referencing websites, given that comments are usually subjective…All of us know that each person comment with his knowledge, his own taste and experience, but the work you’ve done to know the businesses you would reference and the way your close assistants will keep tasting and watching restaurants to judge veracity of comments convinced me.

      So, to sum up, we thank you to bring seriousness in this very big area called Internet, it can only be benefit, first, to guide customers in their own choice and then, for us, professionals of food and catering industry in general…

      Kind Regards,

      La Table.

  8. CARLOS.M.D says:

    Hola, nos a gustado mucho el sitio, tienes vista al mar, parking a 50 comida esta muy buena, hemos comido por unos 60 euros y algo por dos a medio dia, con un aperitivo de la casa y un buen vino . La camarera, muy simpatica, los dos comimos el foi de primero y el cordero con verduras de principal…fenomenal
    El tiramisu de fresa estaba muy rico, tenimos que pedir otro..jaja! recomendo este sitio a cualquier persona que pasa por la zona.
    Los duenos son franceces, pero nada de estricto en la forma de servir o tartar con nosotros..una muy buena sorpresa, volveremos sin duda

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